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French Hot Dog Bun Ciabatta – 60g



New and improved hot dog bun. Crispy crust with soft and juicy crumb, light and fluffy texture, with a touch of air bubbles.
The bun remains firm and whole due to a special baking technology, making it easy to stuff with the sausage and other ingredients.

Storage conditions

Store in the freezer at -18°C to -23°C until usage.

Preparation instructions

Take out from the freezer before using and keep at room temperature for 80 minutes. Do not refreeze after defrosting. After thawing, consume the product in 48 hours.


Product data

Article no.: 148335

Product name: French hot dog bun ciabatta - 60g

Weight / piece: 60g

Pieces / Carton: 60

Cartons / Pallet: 48

Pieces / pallet: 2880

Shelf life: 365 days while frozen

Storage: -18ºC to -23ºC

Country of origin: Lithuania

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