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Morten Reimers Ørskov

Group President & CEO

I am delighted to introduce myself as the CEO and owner of Barkhill Group.  As CEO I have the key strategic role in the leadership of this Trust providing strategic direction for the Corporate Team as well as monitoring the effectiveness of individual academies leadership teams.

Barkhill have been growing the rapidly since we were established in 2009. 

The group count several companies within trade and real estate. 


  • United Medical Supply A/S - Denmark
    Established 2005


  • Barkhill Corperation Srl - Romania
    Etablished 2009


  • Barkhill Invest Srl - Romania
    Established 2021

  • Mytac Cooperation EOOD
    Established 2017


  • Barkhill Trading Srl - Romania
    Etablished 2016


Revenue 23 million Euro  


Revenue 1,1 million Euro 

Revenue 950.000 Euro


Revenue 343.000 Euro

Welcome from our CEO

Group CEO & President

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