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Quality Fast Food Products since 1958

Barkhill Food's history starts back in 1958, when Flemming K. Ibsen founded the parent company, a pioneer in the fast food industry.


From the very first fast food products launched, the company detached from the competition and gained a big market share, proving to be a reliable long term partner offering high quality services. In time, the factory expanded, then moved to a new city and diversified the branches it serves.


This is how Barkhill Foods was founded in 2009, when the fast food industry gained a trustworthy, aspiring and ambitious partner, focused on providing high quality products at affordable prices.

With more than 58 years of experience on its background, Barkhill Foods quickly became an important player on the market.

In 2016 we introduced a new line of products for foodservice, with 26 products in 800ml-1000ml HDPE bottles, as well as 20 products packed for the retail market in the popular doypack.



Founded in Denmark


Reached a turnover of 2.4 million from sales to the Nordic Wholesale market.


Reached 5,4 million turnover.


Introduced a private label Salat Mayonnaise 50% to the Danish wholesale market, turning out to be a big success and leading to a 7.5 million turnover.


Launch of a wide range of products that led to a 10 million turnover. 

About us


After 5 years of hard work and large investments, in 2016 Barkhill Foods turned into profit. The growth in turnover kept the same rhythm in the past years as it did in 2016, being of around 30% and reaching almost 13 million.


The year started well, Barkhill Foods signing an agreement for delivery of private label products for a large Nordic retail chain, as well as listing doypacks in some of the biggest East European retail chains.


Barkhill Foods started the private label ketchup supply to Coop Denmark, Coop Sweden, Coop Norway and SOK in Finland.


Barkhill Foods entered the jam and marmalade market in Europe after signing with one of the leading producers in Egypt.


Another great year for Barkhill, during the pandemics we have secured our clients PPE equipment in the retail shops, to keep the end consumers safe during covid. We finished the year with a net profit of approx. 1 million euro.


Another difficult year for the world, Barkhill donate masks to the Government of Peru in our CSR program, and keep our clients happy with food and PPE products. 


Barkhill enlarge the portfolio of products, and start trading commodities, such as wheat grain, corn and sugar. 



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