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Barkhill Launches New Premium Sunflower and High-Oleic Oils

Barkhill proudly introduces our latest addition to the culinary world – a refined Sunflower Oil and a specialized High-Oleic variant. Produced from high-quality sunflower seeds, our sunflower oil is perfect for enhancing the taste of your dishes while maintaining their authentic flavors. Ideal for baking, cooking, frying, and even in cold dishes, it's a versatile kitchen staple.


Our Sunflower Oil is not just about taste; it's also a health-conscious choice. Rich in natural Vitamin E and unsaturated fats, it fits perfectly into a healthy diet. But we didn't stop there. We're excited to present our High-Oleic Sunflower Oil, specially designed for those who love cooking at high temperatures. This variant stands out for its exceptional frying properties and stability, making it a must-try for culinary enthusiasts.


Dive into a world of flavor and health with Barkhill's new oils – SUNFLOWER OIL, VEGETABLE OIL, MEDITERRANEAN OIL, and OMEGOL OIL. Enhance your cooking experience today!

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