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Barkhill Welcomes Wojciech Roman as Our New Head of Business Development

Barkhill is excited to announce the newest addition to our team – Wojciech Roman, joining us as the Head of Business Development. Bringing with him nearly two decades of extensive experience in the food industry, Wojciech has an impressive track record, including a significant 11-year tenure at Global IKEA, where he honed his skills across three continents and managed sales in 53 countries.


Wojciech's deep expertise and global perspective make him an invaluable asset to Barkhill as we continue to expand and innovate in the food sector. His appointment marks a significant milestone in our journey towards greater business development and international growth. We are confident that Wojciech’s leadership and vision will steer Barkhill to new heights of success.


Welcome aboard, Wojciech! Together, we look forward to achieving remarkable milestones and shaping the future of Barkhill in the global market.

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