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Barkhill Welcomes Romanian White Wheat Flour to Our Assortment

We're thrilled to announce the latest addition to Barkhill's product range – high-quality Romanian White Wheat Flour. Sourced from the finest wheat, our flour is produced through a meticulous grinding process after thorough cleaning, ensuring top-notch quality. It's perfect for a variety of baking needs, from bread and bakery products to specialties and biscuits.


Our Romanian White Wheat Flour comes in three distinct grades – FLOUR 000, FLOUR 550, and FLOUR 650, each tailored to suit different baking requirements. With its GMO-free promise, our flour not only delivers on quality but also aligns with health-conscious preferences.


Elevate your baking creations with Barkhill's Romanian White Wheat Flour – a blend of tradition, purity, and excellence.

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